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(1) IN GENERAL- To receive funds under this subpart for a fiscal year after the first fiscal year that a local educational agency receives funds under this subpart, the local educational agency shall provide, on an annual basis, a report regarding the status of the implementation of activities funded under this subpart, and the dropout data for students at schools assisted under this subpart, disaggregated by race and ethnicity, to the —

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(A) Secretary, if the local educational agency receives a grant under section 1822(a)(1); or

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(B) State educational agency, if the local educational agency receives a subgrant under paragraph (2) or (3) of section 1822(a).

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(2) DROPOUT DATA- The dropout data under paragraph (1) shall include annual school dropout rates for each fiscal year, starting with the 2 fiscal years before the local educational agency received funds under this subpart.

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(b) STATE REPORT ON PROGRAM ACTIVITIES- Each State educational agency receiving funds under this subpart shall provide to the Secretary, at such time and in such format as the Secretary may require, information on the status of the implementation of activities funded under this subpart and outcome data for students in schools assisted under this subpart.

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(c) ACCOUNTABILITY- The Secretary shall evaluate the effect of the activities assisted under this subpart on school dropout prevention compared, if feasible, to a control group using control procedures. The Secretary may use funds appropriated for subpart 1 to carry out this evaluation.